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Whether you are in the market for the finest luxury bed linen or require a good balance of comfort and easy maintenance, we supply a diverse range of designer bed linen that will suit any purpose and style preference. ALSO Home stocks a huge selection of designs, from some of the most coveted luxury styles to the most well-respected traditions in home fashion. Browse the full range of designs, from provocative patterned constructions to exquisite block colours in many materials, sizes and thread counts. There is something to suit every home in the ALSO Home range.

Sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle and remains absolutely essential to our well-being. With the stresses and complexities of the modern world, there has never been a more important time to do all you can to maximise the quality of your sleep. Without an adequate routine of regular, quality sleep, our mental and physical health can decline over time to dangerous levels. Depression, fatigue, cardiovascular problems and many other worrying health concerns are associated with insufficient sleep, and it only takes a few small changes to your lifestyle that help prioritise your sleep to avoid these things becoming an issue in your life.

To ensure you get the best possible comfort at night, luxury bed linens should be selected in a pragmatic way. You should pay close attention to the materials in use, the colours in the design, and the fabric's quality and durability. The luxury bed linens at ALSO Home are inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese designs and are manufactured from only the very finest linen, percale, and jacquard fabrics. These offer a luxurious experience of softness, comfort and quality across all four seasons. And we pride our products on their resistance to wear and tear, along with the ease with which you can care for them.

ALSO Home has been in existence since 2008 when Anna Schmidt decided to turn her passion for design into a provision of lifestyle homewares for discerning customers. There is a classic sophistication and beauty to the minimalist aesthetic behind the Japanese and Scandinavian products that inspired the ALSO Home bed linens, and the heritage of these timeless pieces is synonymous with luxury. Anna Schmidt's passion and commitment to fine homeware products have been injected into every piece available from ALSO Home.

Whether you are in search of the sophisticated, the decorative or the romantic, the designs found amongst the ALSO Home collections are among the defining standard for the home market sector. These linen offerings combine innovative technical features with the most ornate, deluxe traditional materials to create a world of luxury and sensuality that will truly set the tone for the perfect bedroom.

You will find everything from soft, elegantly patterned 100% cotton to luxurious 100% silk and satin, catering for everyone's sleeping needs with the perfect bed linen. Every woven fabric is comprised of warp and weft threads running horizontally and vertically against one another, and the number of threads per square inch are what make up a product's thread count. The thread count is an effective indicator of the deluxe value of the material at play, and some even reach a breathtaking high of 600 thread count.

Certain materials possess specific benefits over others. For example, silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material that can help you to retain moisture in both the hair and skin, and it also minimises wrinkles. Alternatively, some varieties of cotton, like percale, feature easy-care properties that mean they rarely need to be ironed, making them a brilliantly low-maintenance fabric for luxury bed linen.

The measurements of bed linen can vary greatly between different designs, as we supply items from suppliers based on traditions from different countries and cultures. We always endeavour to provide precise, accurate measurements for each piece, alongside the standard sizes for single, double, king and super king size. Please be sure to check our measurements against the size of your bedding and mattresses before purchasing to ensure you get the right product at the right size.

At ALSO Home you will find a multiplicity of luxury bed linen sets, as well as individual pieces that accommodate a desire to mix and match designs and style in the pursuit of your own unique aesthetic. Interior design is an important aspect of feeling comfortable in your own home, and the design of your luxury bed linen should be considered carefully to ensure it contributes to a room that nurtures comfort and rest for good mental and physical health.