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Meet the Team Tuesday | Ian

Meet the Team Tuesday | Ian

Meet The Team.
Ian | Executive Assistant

This week we are introducing you to Ian – Anna’s dad. He came on board at Also Home last October when we started planning our office move/s. He works 1-2 days per week assisting with all things logistics, health and safety and any practical jobs around the office or warehouse.

For any one who has seen the film the Intern, Ian is exactly that role within the business. With years of experience as firstly a Head Teacher and then an Office Manager, he gets the jobs done.

Meet the Team | Ian | Also Home
Ian has a calm and level head around the office and warehouse

Ian planned and organized our first office move just before Christmas and then our second unexpected but very happy office move to our current home at The Old Brickworks, Rudgwick. Ian has a calm and level head which is just as well – none of us thought we would move twice in the space of 5 weeks.

Meet the Team | Ian | Also Home
Ian is often seen with a drill or hammer and nails getting the jobs done.

Ian is often seen around the warehouse with a drill, hammer or high vis vest on.

Meet the Team | Ian | Also Home
Ian deals with all Health and Safety policies at the HQ


With his knowledge and enthusiasm of all things health and safety he has helped Also Home grow up into its new home and larger premises.

Meet the Team | Ian | Also Home
ALSO Home team | Ian


Ian has a love of Landrovers and is part of Surrey 4×4 response using his beautiful Landy! He moved to Cranleigh with Anji, Anna’s mum last summer having spent most of their married life living in Bath.



















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