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4 Ways to Update Your Living Space for Autumn

4 Ways to Update Your Living Space for Autumn

It’s easy to get caught up in updating your winter wardrobe, but far too often we neglect to cosy up our living space for the cooler weather too.

Even if a complete interior overhaul is out of the question, a few well-placed furnishings or new objects can make all the difference to your home – taking it from summer friendly to a winter proof living space.



We champion texture in your home. For Autumn take things back to traditional crafting techniques, and bring lots of tactile products in neutral colour palettes. Adding natural textures like seagrass, mango wood and wool will give your living space an organic feel.




Luxe velvets are perfect for the cooler months. Bringing ‘warm’ fabrics into your living space is a simple way to create that autumnal feel. Mix up patterns, styles and textures. Wool woven rugs, faux fur throws, velvets and of course knitted pieces create cosy atmosphere.

Start with your bed room and update your bed linen, adding contrasting rich deep red and warm yellow elements.

cosy bedroom


A burst of fragrance can change your mood, lift your spirits, relax your mind and make a house feel like your home. Filling your home with fragrance from scented candles, reed diffusers or room sprays is an everyday luxury that adds both style and ambience to your home. Just like interior trends, it’s good to try something new to reflect the season. Simply swapping to a citrus or floral scent can make a home feel fresher, whereas introducing a woody or spicy scent signals it’s time for cosy nights under a soft blanket.

miller harris cosy


Natural Inspiration

Take cues from the rugged Scandinavian landscape for rich, deep colour palettes with shades of lingonberry, lichen and citrine. Earthy hues work well alongside neutrals, naturals and greys meaning that whatever your interior taste, you can make your living space homely, inviting and cosy.

anna spratt texture


This blog was created in collaboration with artisan perfumer Miller Harris to celebrate the launch of their new home fragrances.

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