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ALSO Home Spring 19 Collection

ALSO Home Spring 19 Collection

It might seem a little early to start getting excited about Spring 19, while the weather has taken a chilly turn and there is frost on the grass. But after the Christmas/New Year slump, new life is around the corner and with that we can start to bring in our new Spring 19 Collection. We can’t wait!

Spring 19 Inspiration

The Spring 19 collection is inspired by warmth in both colour and temperature. As we leave the cool breeze of Autumn and chilly mornings of Winter, we want to seek warmth in the new, inspired by Mediterranean living (and more on that later). In search of the necessary change from the colder seasons, our minds and bodies crave the new pace of a new year. Seeking new meaning, new resolutions and new products to surround ourselves with, that bring vitality and fresh inspiration.

Spring 19 Inspiration

Our inspiration has come from the well-loved and lived Mediterranean cultures of health, well-being, nature and traditions. Traditions that have stood the test of time. We have found a natural pull towards these traditions and simplicity over the fast paced, minute trends of fashion. We enjoy living slowly (as much as day-to-day life entails), we love being active and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

With a focus on revived natural textures and colours, we’ve added warmth into our velvet cushions and added slubby textures into our new striped bedlinen, all perfectly positioned to layer into the existing collection. Pieces that you don’t have to work around, they do the work for you.

ALSO Home Spring 19
Spring 19 Collection – Coming Soon


As with a lot of people at the moment, we have a renewed consciousness towards our environment and the world we live in, our aim is only to bring in products that are timeless and made to be loved for a lifetime. We don’t want to add more than we have to into this world. We want you to invest in pieces that will move room to room, will stand the test of time, and that make you feel good. With an ever increasing world of consumerism, as a brand and business we want to turn our focus again to our own footprint on the world in which we live. This goes deeper into looking at where our products are made, the carbon footprint we are personally responsible for and what we can do to reduce that across the business as a whole.

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