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AW18 collection from ALSO Home

AW18 collection from ALSO Home

The new ALSO Home collection is about re-addressing balance, simplicity and the subtle details of beauty in nature.

The AW collection slows down the pace, switching off from busy life, finding quality moments with loved ones and creating spaces at home that soothe the soul and encourage a sense of contentment and tranquillity.

AW Collection

The collection does not conform to minute trends, instead it has a focus on understated elegance, timeless and stylish products. It celebrates craftsmanship that is beautiful by being understated and does not need elaboration or extravagance.

Inspired by the Japanese word ‘Shibumi’ which ‘refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty’, each piece in the collection will find new meaning over time allowing their aesthetic and homely value to grow. Synonymous with the ALSO Home brand, ‘Shibumi’ is the essence of an approach to life with the aim of living in a peaceful sanctuary, full of subtle meanings.


To put ‘Shibuimi’ into practise, it’s important to understand and appreciate the true characteristics of your home and everything inside it. It brings with it an attitude that notices and values the beauty in the everyday. Instinctual and not easily explained, it evolves from simply knowing, of rebalance and allowing space for growth.

With the changing seasons and gentle colours of woodland and natural landscapes, it’s a collection full of subtle textures, colours and simplicities that inspire minimalist yet beautiful living spaces and serenity within the home.


The warm and welcoming new shades complement classic neutral tones and take the collection from late Summer to Autumn, through to an icy cold Scandinavian Winter. The soft accessories bring warmth into any setting for those cosy, atmospheric evenings with the doors closed on the world and the chance to relax.

AW collection

As always, the brand and collection does not conform to minute trends, instead it has a focus on understated elegance, refined, timeless and stylish products. Created with an awareness of trends, the collection and designs are relaxed and intuitive, uncontrived and easy to live with.

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