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How to change up your lighting this season

How to change up your lighting this season

The clocks go back this weekend, marking the transition from the most glorious summer ever to several months of dark nights. Yes, it is indeed getting darker outside! The good news is that now we can cosy up our home for Autumn (read our blog on that here) and a great place to start is with your lighting.

Lights are critical at this time of year as they can change your mood with the flick of the switch. As the dark nights descend its time to restyle your lighting to fit the season. With the introduction of our first ever range of lamps and candle holders, this has got easier!

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A badly lit room is not a good place to spend these long evenings. If there is one thing we love about shorter days and longer nights, it’s being able to set the mood at home. Of course, candle light is gorgeous, or an open fireplace can set a beautiful atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to have one, then the time is right to finally enjoy the light and warmth that emanates from a log fire.

But even if you don’t, you can still create a cosy atmosphere with everything from lamps to candles to create soft pools of light in the evening.


When it comes to lighting, concentrate on where you spend most of your time and what you want to do in that space. For example, overhead bright lights would kill the atmosphere over a dinner table, however is perfectly suited to the kitchen.

In the living and bedrooms, we prefer low level lighting, with lamps placed across the room, rather than one pendant light emitting everything from the centre. Scattering pockets of light more evenly helps to create that warming, seasonal atmosphere.

If you want to create a cosy reading corner place a table lamp to the site of your armchair, with a basket full of blankets underneath ready to wrap yourself up in. Creating a refuge at the end of a busy day, a place to get lost in your favourite book, is important in what can be an overwhelmingly busy time of year. Our Vara lamps are hand made from mango wood, meaning they look as interesting turned off as they do on, helping to create a scandi space. The warm glow cast through the cotton shades is soft and relaxing.

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If you’re chasing the hygge dream (yes, it’s still a thing!) then candle burning is a critical element of lighting your home. Did you know Danes burn more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe?

Besides making everything look more magical, there’s something about the old-school charm of a flicking candle that reminds us to slow down, eat, read and talk to one another. Light candles before friends stop by to cast a warm glow and set a relaxed vibe in your home.

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This season we can created ceramic candle holders that can really finish off your dining table. Made to fit in our range of ceramic serve ware (Krem and Kuro), the candle holders can take both pillar and taper candles. We also have some gorgeous hand-blown vases for tea light holders and are now stocking Plum & Ashby scented candles on our website. Perfect for scenting your home or for giving as a gift for Christmas.


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