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Outdoor Entertaining with ALSO Home

Outdoor Entertaining with ALSO Home

A guide to relaxed outdoor entertaining.

We all know British summers are temperamental. With this in mind, when those rare days of glorious sunshine happen, outdoor entertaining becomes essential.

There’s something truly magical about dining outdoors. Whether it’s breakfast on the patio, a relaxed lunch in the garden, or a fancy supper on a balmy summers evening – feasting alfresco makes for happy moments with friends and family all the more memorable.


outdoor entertaining


Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to mean plastic cups and paper plates.

Furniture is great, but if you don’t have any for the outdoors, that’s okay too! You can set up a relaxed, bohemian style dining setting with a few throws or rugs, cushions and candles and set it up anywhere! Think impromptu, posh picnic wherever and whenever you feel like it.

If you wish to sit at a table, but don’t have enough chairs – mix and match what you have or asks guests to bring a chair or two. Old chairs, new chairs, indoor and outdoor chairs, plastic or wooden – they can all be styled together to create a relaxed and fun environment.

Enhance the experience by using fabrics, textures and products that are rustic and romantic but also environmentally friendly as well. Our Mokko mango wood range is perfect for outdoor entertaining and really is a fantastic texture for the outdoors. The perfect amount of boho.



There are so many benefits of making this kind of dining area in your garden (or the local park/field/lakeside).

Outdoor entertaining

We love outdoor entertaining and always accessorise with plenty of cushions and throws. There is no better end to a warm summers day than a relaxed meal with friends and family. For a laid-back festival vibe, try creating an impromptu table from a few salvaged crates and layering plenty of cushions and throws to create a comfortable space to hang out.


How would you style your outdoor space? Join in the convocation over on our instagram page!

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