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Yellow interiors trend – introducing the shade of citrine

Yellow interiors trend – introducing the shade of citrine

While yellow can be a quite a tricky colour to wear, anything from lemon to mustard tends to be pretty easy to work in interiors and design.

Colour experts agree that yellow (in any shade) infuses a living space with optimism, energy and cheeriness, which are all good things in our book! So like other ‘colours of the moment’, you can easily tap into this sunshine shade with your furniture, textiles and home accessories.


yellow linen

A nod to those late summer evenings we find ourselves in, the latest core colour of citrine yellow gently moves your mindset from Summer to Autumn. Teamed with blush pink, with deep reds that are slowly coming through for Autumn, citrine brings a late summer sunset aesthetic to our collection.


Influenced by our travels and the colours associated with the changing season, citrine adds a punch of colour to the collection without being flashy. It’s versatile and earthy – we can’t get enough of it!

yellow citrine table

The great thing about a change in season is that you can transform your living spaces with just a couple of additions. You don’t need to go and get paint to bring this colour into your home – don’t worry, no yellow walls! A couple of cushions on the sofa or some new bed linen brings that late summer warmth in.

yellow citrine bed

Textiles are relatively inexpensive and easy to change whenever the mood takes you. Some people do this seasonally already! A cushion is a real non-committal option for the living room or bedroom. The colour works beautifully with neutral colours – it adds sophistication without being in your face and helps your home (and mind) transition from season to season.

Yellow Cushions

The sun might still be shining but we would be lying if we said we weren’t the littlest bit excited about the impending Autumn season.

Yellow Anna

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