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Behind the Scenes – the making of the Ilo Ceramics

Behind the Scenes – the making of the Ilo Ceramics

We are very excited to share with you a ‘behind the scenes’ blog from our most recent trip to Portugal where we witnessed the new Ilo range of ceramics being created.

The factory we use for this particular range is based just outside of Porto in Portugal, an area synonymous with manufacturing the world’s finest ceramics. In the factory there is a team of skilled craftspeople, each with their own specialist skill and many with several decades of experience working in the ceramics industry.


This robust collection is started by the shapes being loosely cut out of the clay with offcuts like this being collected, melted down and re-used ensuring minimal wastage.  The clay looked almost good enough to eat…. but we didn’t attempt to sample!



The skilled artisans created a bespoke mix of minerals and colour to create an all-over light glaze.We wanted to achieve this pale glaze on the stoneware, giving an almost painted finish. Each being slightly different to the one before it. Once dried, the ceramics are loaded into an electric kiln to be fired. During the firing process, pieces are gradually heated to over 1000 degrees to set the colour and shape. In this stage, the glaze on the ceramic moves and creates the unique finish we look for.



This mineral grey stoneware fits seamlessly into our already existing dining range alongside the Krem and Kuro Collection. The pieces are calm and peaceful, taking organic forms and finishes, each being slightly different to the one next to it – perfectly imperfect.


The new Ilo ceramics are perfect for both everyday dining and special occasions – a style that would fit gently into your serveware.


As with all hand crafted items, slight colour variations occur. These imperfections are part of the artisanal appeal and should be embraced.

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