Nesuto Woven Bamboo Basket Set of 3 White


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Inspired by Japanese homewares, where beautiful simple design and practicality are key, the Nesuto Woven Baskets, perfectly nest inside each other allowing for more space in your home when they are not in use. Perfect for keeping your home organised, we have even found they look great as decorative baskets for your house plants (we of course recommend keeping the plant in its original pot with a water dish!). Each basket has been skilfully hand woven by artisans, using traditional weaving patterns found in Vietnam. Featuring hand crafted handles for carrying. The Nesuto Woven Baskets Set of 3 are also available in Natural, Lime and Grey.

Large 34cm (H) X 40cm (W)
Medium 30cm (H) x 35cm (W)
Small 26cm (H) x 30cm (W)

Hand made in Vietnam from Bamboo
Sold as a set of 3
*Due to the handcrafted nature of these baskets, do not lift by the handles when full or heavy.

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