Our story is one of quality, uniqueness and individuality

Our story is one of quality, uniqueness and individuality

ALSO Home is a stylish lifestyle brand established in 2008 that has been born from years of travel and sourcing all over the world. ALSO Home founder, Anna Schmidt, consistently designs a range that is full of exquisite pieces and that are exclusive to ALSO Home themselves so you won’t find them elsewhere online or the high street. All the products in the ALSO Home range have a story to tell and the brand itself is no exception. The story is one of quality, uniqueness and individuality.

Anna spent over ten years working as a Textile Designer and Design Director and decided to put her creativity and passion into ALSO Home. As a mum and business owner it took hard work and dedication to design a range of unique pieces that make ALSO Home somewhere to shop for those perfect finishing touches to your home. The business and brand philosophy is to design and source products that are unique and stylish and support talented artisans around the world. The owner Anna’s love of travelling and working with age old crafts and techniques is the real inspiration and story of this brand and business.

It’s also the story of the lady who plants and harvests rice in the fields, goes home to her family and produces heirloom worthy embroideries. Of the artist who creates and draws by hand, intricate patterns onto a bowl or a mug, or of the workers who sit chatting with their friends while making baskets.

There is something truly special about an object that’s been crafted by hand. There are the obvious things like outstanding quality and unique personality, but with ALSO Home the real magic lies in the incredible truth that the item you are holding is a testimony of creativity. This is what has led to the creation of their designs and collections. It is an intuitive search and quest for the right products, fabrics, colours and textures. It is Anna’s innate desire to weave together all the elements that tell a story.

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