Whitewashed Reclaimed Style Trug


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The popularity of the Reclaimed Wooden Trug and Trays has seen the collection grow. Now available in Whitewashed reclaimed wood, each tray is handcrafted and lovingly hand painted to achieve the lighter look. We love it and think this is such a versatile product we just had to add it to our collection. Made from reclaimed wood and given a vintage industrial style finish, we simply love it. It can be used either in the home as a tray or in the garden as a trug. To complete the industrial look we've added a vintage style metal handle. Lovingly made for us in the UK by a wonderful craftsmen, we hope you will find them as wonderfully useful and charming as we do.

Whitewashed Reclaimed wood
Handmade in the UK by craftsmen
40cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 10.5cm (H) + 7.5cm metal handle

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