Founded in 2008, MA.STRUM is a menswear brand that specialises in technical outerwear and apparel. Designs are predominantly, though not exclusively, inspired by a wide range of historic and present-day military attire. Rather than submit to industry trends, MA.STRUM tirelessly pursues a grand marriage of form and function, constructing garments that not only look good, but truly perform against the elements. MA.STRUM products arrive as a result of an intensive research and development process, one that champions innovation and the use of sophisticated, modern fabrics coupled with cutting-edge production techniques. INNOVATION  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and sincere pursuit of innovation. Rather than remain stationary, we constantly strive to move forward and deliver goods that challenge convention, excite our audience and serve that audience in new and interesting ways. RESEARCH In order to innovate effectively and build our brand we invest significant time in acquisition of knowledge and skills that can aid our development. Learning is embraced across the business; we understand an appreciation and understanding of the past can only serve as a credible, vital tool in order to craft garments for the future. QUALITY MA.STRUM goods are designed to enjoy long lives in the wardrobes of our audience, as such they are made from the best fabrics available to us and are produced in the finest production houses across the world.